Listen to the speechless water.

«Listen to the speechless water»

Do not wait for the silence to speak·
the birds will always speak their dialect
the air will blow with momentum permeates among the reeds
the wolves will bark at nights
calling famales.
The silence is gold
for those who have nothing to say
for those who their lives is a distant politeness
for those whose the tongue is more from height thereof.

And, if you do not speak now
the moment nightingales become silent,
the moment larks are resting on their land
the falcons are tossing towards the celestial dome,
now that people are hudding in fear,
at the moment that jackals are howling
in streets and squares
following candidate corpses,
never and would never talk.
When the predators become silent
because they have consumed all their victims
the world will be dead
and will be too late to speak.

Listen to the fate of destiny·
if you cannot
if I cannot
be quiet all of you
in order to listen to the speechless water history
as it is rolling violent
in the stone years of our needs!

E. K. Giannelakis.


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