Thrasyvulos towords Oligarchs (Athens 403 BC)

«Thrasyvulos towords Oligarchs (Athens 403 BC)»

Thrasyvulos went on the step
he took up the cup circular
and he baptized on the air of Thiramenis kottavos.
Downstairs there were
a lot of people
on the first desk, the oligarchs.
Onans of the morning
you organise symposium of interweaving
benefactors well known
of the arranged zone
sponsors of entertainment events
Show with my finger those
who had parkeda Ferrari
in the slope of the Holy Stone,
with plenty of courage
Thrassos said with his own will:

«You came with empty promises
against vicious and slauderer people,
you desecrate the Ancient Agora
and you opened your own
where there is only the voice of the parrots,
as you practice singing
in the luxurious cages.
The people you are trying to cheat,
the regime you are trying to catalyze.
so, why do you want so much to overrule our lives?
You, with such a dishonestyto perform in the altar of profit.
Dishonesty is the name for the Right you adopt.
How can you be brave
when you have opened the gates
to Germans in order to intrude?
What have your friends done,
marauders of the universe?
Not only they have abandonned your friends
because of the people anger,
but also they have given the collaborationists
to the public court of the country,
the poisonous conium to drink».

Then, he hit his right thump in the table
which it came almost to breaking
and with his left hand, he
raised the wineglass high.
The veins of his neck swelled
and with voice he shouted:

«We have disappeared the facism ,
we have set free
the powder of Will and Speech».

E. K. Giannelakis.


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