The fascism of Sparta

«The fascism of Sparta»

Our Doric nation captured Athens
the conspirators demolished our long walls
we pushed for reforms
and as conquerors of the history
with our political beliefs,
tyranical without doubt,
we imposed the city.
I was not born to my kneels,
i’m standing awake,
me Lyssandros
the son of the fox,
from one side the senate is standing,
from the other, five vulnerable people,
whereas the kings are coming hidden and panting.
Origin is correct for Sparta,
because Thrasyvoulos, it is all democracy of people.
Lets say so,
of the many, republic authority
(thus be tricked people),
of the few, oligarchic
for the minority, fascism when
the divisor number changes only.
Generally, the lakonizin overpower the life of Sparta.
We have chosen the state of army,
molds dressed in military green,
giving birth to tin soldiers.
Do not make any mistake,
you democrat citizens of Athens.
Democracy is a divisor of sharing
that changes easily to the privilege of rich and powerful people,
and always its way goes nowhere
but to the fascism of Sparta.

Evaggelos Giannelakis.


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