Brutal people

«Brutal people»

your sick thoughts about death must be erased
as if anyone has gotten through
and you don’t due everyday.
And what’s the point of all these
given that you will some day meet the sickle of the death,
so much stress
how will you fight him when you meet him?
Simply you will die
and you don’t even think the way
when you meet the destiny.
Just live
and don’t ask me
what is life, what is deth
when you will never know.
Just live
in the streets
in the squares
in the dives and the dark places
in cheap or luxurus hotels
among the prostitutes, devils and gods
live whatever you want my son
but do not ever become a aythoritative jurnalist or a fascist
because my son
from the death is ever more brutal,
which after all
we will never know
because we will be dead when he comes
the biggest shame of all my son
is to be the bitch of the system!

Evaggelos Giannelakis



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