The shame of the human race

«The shame of the human race»

I am proceeding the teenager schools,
rude and boorish,
My look has nothing to do
neither with these fake knights
nor with these Nazi parasites.
The same in your shameful walls
is leaking tar and oil of the stone.
So, i take the audacity to write to you
as you did all these years with me
by displaying your history painted with blood
the ignorance and the maximum of your hypocrisy
without feelings
without sight
without colour
without smell
fake slimy human beings.
Shame of the human race
the paint and discolor of the human skin. Criminals of
Babi Yar
with the same hoods, like your beggars
so many photos on the corps of dead people
like the hunters who are flaunting for their victims.
Matricide, infacticide, brutal people
shameless and shameful people.
In crematoria you were burning the corps of Roma
euthanasia to your unable sons
in the anteroom of your national soap
you were hunging swastikas in the flesh of the Jews
whose you were labeling as synonym to usury
because you were coveting their position.
You did not make this with the use of weapons,
the doom and the genocide
which, your sick mind gave birth,
now you are fighting in order to succed this
with illussions and Rooks
condemning our children to famine
deeping the free thought in the color of money
and flowing crocodile tears
as the limelight shine the dark paths
and when the lights go out
your conscience will become a beggar
in the mercy of the living people
those, who never agree with your neoliberalism
those, who are still remaining wise
as they have been baptized with that.
Having arrived as gastarbeiters in your land
to rebuild what your evil had destroyed .
We have written you down in the books
of our mercy and compassion
and you did not erase the disrespect to human suffering from your blood.
Why is it possible for a paratrooper
with one leg to be resurrected whom his leg was cut
by a Cretan fighter with a pitchfork?
To explain, what the hell was the apology that
was demanded by a forteen teenager,
when he answered himself with pride and courage:
«We have rebuilt the house that you demolished
when as invaders you came in our land
I will go back to the place i grew up
in the living room i was used to listening my grandparents telling stories
about mothers who were staying awake without eating
between lice, rifles and haystacks.
Breast feeding never existed, but we never missed that.
So, listen people shameless
grown up with the educational system of Nazism
you always tolerate leaders who struggle our kids
you have no excusse now, i forgave you once,
those of us who are going to stay live
Rupel, you won’t step on·
Itsios will be here, brave again!

Evaggelos k. Giannelakis

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